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We keep a small flock of "heirloom" chickens - old-fashioned varieties that are beautiful and rare. Most are not particularly good egg layers and when they get older they stop laying altogether. Our senior hens go into retirement, living a happy life until they pass away from old age.

We feed our chickens a diet of organic feed whenever we can get it. They also get kitchen scraps, which they enjoy enormously. And, of course, they scratch for worms and insects in their yard, which is protected by an electric fence to keep racoons, bears and other predators from helping themselves to chicken dinner.

When available, the eggs are in the small black refrigerator in the Honey House. Hens lay fewer eggs in winter and older hens stop laying altogether as the days get shorter. in commercial operations, artificial lights are used to keep the chickens laying. We don't do this. We figure nature has a reason for giving the birds the winter off. After all, how would YOU like to ovulate almost every day without a break?! Our hens lay like gangbusters come spring.

Eggs keep an amazingly long time and commercial eggs are usually weeks old by the time you get them. Our eggs are so fresh they're hard to peel, and the yolks have a deep orange color you never see in commercial eggs. They're delicious and we're happy to sell you the ones we don't eat ourselves.

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